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    The olive grove and view of Villa Cappelli
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    An ancient Trullo from Neolithic times - next to the olive grove
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    The olive grove (far left) on the ancient Via Appia
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    Second floor view of the Villa grounds and the surrounding olive trees


1L Tin - CasaSana EVOO

Our name literally means “Healthy Home” in Italian. And, we don’t pretend to contribute to anything less. Working exclusively with our producer Villa Cappelli in Terlizzi, Puglia since 2007, we are proud to provide our customers with a low-acidity, monocultivar, extra virgin olive oil that reflects the purest form of harvesting and milling olives – all done with agrarian pride and craft. The ancients would be proud.

Our oil is certified D.O.P. (“Denominazione d’Origine Protetta” in Italian). The characteristics of an EVOO year-to-year will depend largely on climatic and atmospheric factors much like the characteristics of any wine. And, like the D.O.C/D.O.C.G. designations for quality assurance attributed to some wines, D.O.P (in English: “Protected Designation of Origin”) designations exist for EVOOs. This guarantees the highest quality and a verification of our final product – ensuring it is unique and inimitable. The entire product process, from harvest to the final bottle, has been executed within the confines of our area. The area analysis factors both natural and human properties, as well as production and transformation techniques. This distinction guarantees olive oil has gone through a scrupulous quality process that assesses thoroughly the quality of the territory where the olive oil has been produced.


The Olive Grove (far left) on the Via Appia

The story of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil deserves its own history book…

Found in the Italian region of Puglia, in Bari, are some of the world’s most palatable olive oils. And with a two millennium history, it’s hard to break from the past. Since the Greek’s colonization of Southern Italy in 800 BC, Puglia has been supplying the entire Mediterranean – and the world – with some of the world’s best olive oil. In ancient times, these oils transcended the mere utility of cuisine. They were medical, magical, an endless source of fascination and wonder, and the fountain of great wealth and power.

In Italy, this history lesson hasn’t gone out of style. Today, the age old traditions of handpicked, unfiltered, stone pressed Coratina olives continue to be produced into premium oils at CasaSana’s Villa Cappelli farm. Its olive groves line the Via Appia – the same ancient highway build by the Romans 2000 years ago to connect these rich olive lands to Rome (our patch of the Via Appia has never been paved over). Our olive oil production has continued the legacy of tradition by hand-picking and the ancient way of milling – by stone! No machinery. Just love and passion for doing things the way they were done over 2000 years ago.


-How to order CasaSana products directly

  • To place an order with us directly and get on our exclusive mailing list, please send us a request at: info@casasana.ca.
  • Try our new CasaSana Balsamico and CasaSana Natural Sea Salts (regular, herbs and lemon)!


Where to find CasaSana products in the GTA

  • McEwan’s
  • Sobeys Urban Fresh
  • Nature’s Emporium
  • Savoia
  • Harvest Wagon
  • Summerhill Market
  • Bruno’s Fine Foods
  • Sue’s Market
  • Dish Cooking Studio: bottle your own

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